Who Else Wants the Truth About Enigin?

The content on this Home Page has been prepared and approved by the Board Of Directors with the primary purpose of providing accurate and up-to-date information on Enigin. This is written to refute the biased and defamatory information that has been posted by just a handful of malevolent individuals on notorious forums like rip-off report.

Any prudent individual considering investing in the products and solutions available through Enigin and our distributors, who have had concerns raised about the integrity of Enigin, its products and its many professional representatives will hopefully find this information reassuring.

This information will:-

  1.  Clearly explain the company’s radical change in focus and the reasons for it.
  2. Provide several candid statements and references from both existing distributors and their customers outlining their experience with Enigin and its products.
  3. Explain why Enigin would appear to have more negative listings compared to the average company search, and why the world’s (Forbes surveyed) most respected companies have considerably more, indeed some have hundreds, of rip-off reports against their name.
  4. Understand why there is such a high level of failures surrounding new start-up business and find out why Enigin exited the Biz-Op market.
  5. Answer each of the negative comments posted on forums, providing factual background information.
  6. Disclose third-party information which exposes the rip-off report as an extortionist website that seeks only to profit from blackmailing ethical businesses.

We do not intend to make any further comments on any libellous forums as this is counter productive, other than to direct people to this site which will be updated as required in response to any new issues raised. Therefore anyone wishing to contact the company directly can do so here thetruth@enigin.com. All communications will be dealt with promptly and professionally.

1. Why did Enigin do a U-Turn on a profitable Biz-Op model?

The company is no longer active in the ‘Biz-Op’ market. All such promotional activities were suspended in May 2013 and the company will now only consider working with professional, established and well-resourced businesses preferably from within the Clean-Tec sector.

All Enigin products within the core range are now designed in-house and not sourced from third parties. WE ARE the manufacturer. There are numerous Trademarks, Patents and Copyright Design applications that protect the IPR all of which show Enigin as the outright owner. References to IPR’s are listed at the end of this section.

Product Sample Packs are now readily available and established companies interested in distributing our products are encouraged to verify the efficacy and quality of all our products before making any other significant commitment to this business.

The company no longer charges a ‘fee’ to become a distributor, rather just a minimum commitment to on-going product sales, although the appointment verification process is much more stringent.

While there has been some issues from a handful of people resulting from the former ‘Biz-Op’ model, notwithstanding this it should be noted we do have many, MANY, successful distributors and delighted customers both in the UK and overseas and some comments from these are listed in section two below.

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Enigin is now a Registered Trade Mark and trading style of The BEST group, Best Research & Development Limited a company registered in the United Kingdom, Reg. No. 5984863, incorporated on 1st November 2006. The same company was originally incorporated as Enigin PLC.

In the past Enigin offered a “Business Opportunity” to anyone who wanted to get into the energy saving business, regardless of whether they had any previous business experience or not. The company now realises it is a fundamental mistake to try to build a business on the back of a raft of new start up business.

However, to set the record straight, Enigin’s literature never implied that starting a new business was ‘easy’, on the contrary clear advices were given as to the likely chance of success or failure, and the reasons why some early distributors had failed were detailed in the downloadable e-book below.

“Don’t Start an Energy Saving Business… Until You Have Read This”.

Here are some searching, personal questions we included in that document intended to alert potential distributors to the risks of starting a new business from scratch:-

“Do I appreciate that a significant number of people who start their own businesses give up, for a multiplicity of reasons, before they have the opportunity to recoup their initial investment”?

“Am I willing to accept responsibility for the success and/or failure of my business? Or, will I be quick to blame others when my expectations are not met”?

“Given that starting any new business is a high-risk venture – can I afford to make the investment? If for whatever reason I have to quit prematurely, can I afford to loose the investment in both time and money? You should never risk money you can’t afford to lose”.

“Have I used due diligence in assessing the business potential within my area and where necessary taken professional advise on all matters including legal, technical and commercial? You need to carefully consider every aspect of the business”.

“Have I taken care to read all of the ‘small print’ in any of the terms and conditions that may be applicable? Am I familiar with any specific laws and regulations that are relevant to the area in which I intend to operate my business”?

We also included many unambiguous statements like;

“Regrettably… many people who start their own business will fail… when they realize it’s harder than they think to make a business successful…the reality is that statistically every time someone embarks on the creation of their own business they are almost certain to find the reality much harder than they originally anticipated”.

“According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year. Nobody said it was going to be easy”.

“People make investments in business every day with expectation of getting a return without having fully considered the risk and commitment required – it’s a risk that sometimes pays off, but rarely”.

Still many fell in love with the romantic notion of owning their own energy saving business and some ignored all of the advice and warnings provided by the company, choosing to believe what they wanted or hoped for themselves. The 25-strong team at Enigin, mostly employed to train, coach and support distributors, worked tirelessly to try to help these distributors get established in their territories. Some succeeded – but some sadly failed despite our best efforts.

We wish to thank all of our loyal distributors who we love doing business with, several who have been working with us now for many years and who remain loyal to the company, often giving invaluable feedback to the R&D team and in many cases robustly defended the company against the machinations of some malevolent individuals who are too proud to accept personal responsibility for their failures.

In 2011 we decided to ‘bite the bullet’ and embark on a massive Research and Development campaign. For three years running we have invested over ten times the national average in our R&D projects producing not one, but five new product lines.

Unsurprisingly, this shift in emphasis has had a huge impact on the way we do business. Everything, and everyone is focused on making great energy saving technology. We now have total control of our product features, our pricing and our distribution channels, which is quite different to how things started.

Enigin established its success on the promotion of an energy saving business opportunity and a unique combination of products, much of which were sourced through OEM providers. There are great benefits to working with OEM’s, however, there are also considerable drawbacks, which include a lack of control of product features, pricing and distribution policies.

Our new approach eliminates these drawbacks because WE are now the OEM.

Having essentially changed the company from one that specializes in training start-up companies how to establish a successful new energy saving business, to one that specializes in the design and manufacture of new energy saving technology, our eyes were opened to positive opportunities for change in our distribution methods.

Of course, we are immensely proud of the results achieved by our early distributors, especially as most of them had no prior experience in the industry. However, a pattern started to emerge whereby those distributors with existing businesses considerably outperformed the new business start-ups. We also noticed with the passing of time a significant increase in enquiries from companies already in the ‘clean-tech’ sector. These companies were much better placed to promote our solutions and they required little or no training on the merits of our technology; they simply needed confirmation that we were the OEM and that we could provide the volume discounts necessary to make the value proposition work in their territory.

In view of this, in May 2013 we suspended active promotion of our business opportunity and made the decision to only work with new partners that were operating established businesses and/or were already active in the Clean-Tech sector.

This adjusted approach is already paying off in numerous ways including a massive reduction in the demands on our support team, a significant increase in successful end user results and the opening up of previously untapped and in some cases unknown market opportunities.

IPR References:

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2. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

On the Enigin corporate website www.enigin.com there are several case studies incorporating real-life interviews with client companies who have benefitted from Enigin products and solutions. We have thousands of successful installations (many buy from us repeatedly) and we are daily monitoring energy consumptions for some of the best-known brand names in the world. We are also encouraged to have received many positive comments from both distributors and their customers about the efficacy of our products and solutions along with the level of support we are currently delivering.

The following video contains highlights from several satisfied customers.

It should be noted in contrast that all of the negative postings emanate from only a handful of people; furthermore most of them have never installed any of our products! And certainly NONE have experienced the new Eniscope hardware. In other words they have little practical product based experience on which to make their judgements (more detail is provided in section five). Others it seems have never met us and just simply jumped on the bandwagon of negative postings naively assuming the comments to be true and adding their bit (broken window syndrome).

Read what our real distributors and their customers are saying by clicking below.

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We are pleased to be able to provide an overview in this section of just some of the positive comments (unedited) we have received in various communications. The comments below are all from individuals who have had hands on experience with our products, in some cases spanning many years. Each of the statements came in written format and can therefore be easily verified:-

From an Enigin Distributor in The Middle East

Egreentechno appreciates Enigin’s business model and believe it is a right approach which is fully backed up with high-quality back office technical support. To date, we have excellent experience and rapport with your sales team though being 1000 of miles away. Eniscope Hybrid is an excellent product and has so far been well received in the market. For a start-up distributor, Enigin business support structure, like training, distributor website, logo design, CRM system, etc. is extremely useful and great. There will always be a scope to improve and to introduce new product pipeline, which Enigin has demonstrated to be capable of. Please continue your fine work.

As always look forward to your continued support.


Electro Green Techno Trading LLC

From an Enigin Distributor in Guatemala

Outstanding Products!

Let me tell you that for me creating my own business is a first. I know it is a big challenge, but with the right business proposition (energy savings), the right products and the support from Enigin, it seems like the goal is closer than any of the other business ideas I considered before.

I found the training and available material very enlightening in terms of the knowledge required for an energy saving business. It has complemented my business skills with technical knowledge, selling knowledge and most important with the right attitude required to succeed in any business.

I recognise that not everything has been perfect and that there have been potholes in the road, but we have been able to fix the problems we have encountered and have maintained the required level of communication required for this type of situations. I would like to thank all the Enigin team for the support that I have received for the last six months.

Even though my first sale took longer than I planed, I feel comfortable in the sense that this business and my choosing of Enigin as a partner in this journey, will end up in a success story for me and my family.

Please keep the good work in supporting your distributors and the investment in the technology and development Enigin´s outstanding products, as it is crucial for the success of distributors like me.


Luis Molina


From a UK based Enigin Distributor:

During the last year as an Enigin distributor here in the South West of England I have been pleasantly surprised by how modern Enigin is as a business. The Knowledge Base, ECOS and other systems allow for great efficiency in availability of information.

The new product developments have been a great step forward in terms of being more competitive and having a market leading product at a dramatically improved price.

If I have one recommendation in terms of how Enigin can improve, it would be that as a UK based distributor, we would like more one to one support. That said, the individuals we work with, both commercially and technically are responsive and helpful.


Stuart Pearce
Energy Management Director


Email from a long-standing Enigin Distributor in the USA

As for the recent comments online from Mr. Sanchez*, here are my thoughts on people like that; His comments are one dimensional which in my opinion reflect directly on his attitude and ability to build his own successful business. (* Mr Sanchez has uploaded his own forum entitled “My Experience With Enigin”, even though he has never installed any of our current products)

I have been an Enigin Partner for the last 5 years and in that time, I have built a reputable energy saving business and a solid book of existing satisfied clients. I came into this business with little to no knowledge of the energy saving industry or energy efficiency in general.

My 1st year of mindshare training with Enigin gave me the foundation knowledge needed to get my business off the ground quickly and since then, Enigin's innovative products and ongoing Mindshare Program have continued to add value and expand my companies capabilities and product offering.

By virtue of the word "Opportunity" as in "Business Opportunity", simply purchasing a distributorship will not ensure anyone’s commercial success. What I mean to say is that everyone who purchases a distributorship (like the one offered by Enigin) will not automatically become successful and therefore there will always be some percentage of distributors who fail.

Personally, I am motivated by reading about the failure of others because it inspires me to continue working even harder to differentiate myself from those whom have tried before or after me and failed. Its always disappointing when a person does not recognize there own responsibility in the outcome of a scenario or joint venture but that doesn't make it OK to go online to publish a grievance with the sole intent of hurting the other party. That shows little character and therefore negates the validity of any comments made by that individual.

Enigin are one of the most transparent companies I know and given the extensive distributor intake process which is strictly adhered to by Enigin with all new distributors, I find it remarkably "unlikely" that a "new distributor prospect" could actually become a fully paid Enigin Distributor and NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS GOING TO RECEIVE FOR HIS MONEY...

To your success ~

Rob Grooms | President Ekon Energy Mangement Group LLC


Received from an Enigin Distributor in Costa Rica


We are always grateful to receive appreciate comments from distributors who are compelled to express their satisfaction with the company and its products. Here are a few examples in response to the training and support we provide.

“Thanks for the answer, a whole new market just opened up for us!”
“Thanks for the info, installation went quite smoothly. Results are showing approximately 25-30% savings! “

Kristoffer Petersson, Renovo Energy Solutions

“Thank you so much for responding. Andrea and I have had such good response times from yourself and your team in England, that perhaps we have been spoilt.”

Joanne Phelan, Business Development Manager Pioneer Generation. NZ

“Its been a great delight working with the support team. My experiences so far have been more than awesome. Thanks once again. Still wondering how you found that IP. Will you let me in to the secret.”

Francis Poku

“Thank you for your quick reply!
It’s early for me as I am just starting. But Enigin certainly is highly responsive and impressive. I just hope that I do not appear to be asking for hand holding every step of my business launch.”

Ha Young. L&D Energy - South Korea

“Thank you for your quick support.”

I.kassem, IPI Egypt Technical director
Intelligent Power International Inc. - Egypt/Canada

“Thanks a lot.
You solved my problem.”

Aiman Akheel
SPR Group - Dubai

One of the most valued aspects of Enigin’s training and support is The Knowledge Base where distributors source information on products and related matters 24/7/365. There follows a list of unsolicited comments left there by our many happy distributors from around the world.
All comments are permanent records are can easily be checked and verified.


Thank you very much for your assistance during our first installation.


Not to mention the vast and valuable information at your fingertips, Knowledge Base is Team Work at it's best ! Ask for help and you will get it, one of the KB team members will get back to you. KB works so well for me that I can't imagine my life as an Enigin Distributor without it.


These are excellent resources not only for staff and client training, but to illustrate that Enigin is continually looking to improve the functionality of the Eniscope. The ability to measure the other energy sources will be a major plus. Most appreciated, thanks.


I think the tools and tutorials posted in the KB are very useful and very easy to undesrtand. I have installed over 5 eniscopes now without any major setback.


I like both the DVD and the brochure. I believe they will help with marketing the Ensicopes.


Today I have installed my first Eniscope in my office and it went pretty good, thanks for the supportive tools you have provided like the manual and the videos. 
I am now more confident and competent about this business and hopefully I will be informing you soon about the first Eniscope i install for a customer


The time is running so fast and we distributors really need to push and have more sales for the "unbeatable" features of eniscope...
We all salute you for the great, great suport.


The How To Sell Eniscope video was incredibly well presented - another $10,000 video from the master himself - Great Job ! (thanks for the promo/I think you tell the story better than I do !!)


The Presenter Tool "front end" is world class and a better job could not have been done by any company on any product in the world!


I thoroughly enjoyed and learned many things from the recent training session in New York.


I have been meaning to write to you, though, about the package... My command of the English language is not strong enough to convey how brilliant the whole thing is without needing to put in a few expletives to add strength to the written word.

To all of you at Enigin, the hard work on this project has paid off and will undoubtedly bear much fruit. The new brochures are gob-smacking. amongst the finest I have ever seen on any product, and as a business owner of 8 years in the fields of both graphic design and printing, you can truly take that as praise from


The Presenter Tool is indescribably cool - as always, Enigin have saved the best for last with the release of the "talking head" movie. The presenter tool puts everything you want to know about the Eniscope at anyone’s finger tips.


Thank you SO much for your help over the last few days...pints are on me next time I am in Cornwall.


I have just loaded Real time 5.1 onto two Eniscopes at a school that is undertaking a major energy saving campaign. It was easy to do and the benefits immediately seen by all. This version of software is a big step in the right direction so thank you very much for the initiative.


I received the kind of PHENOMENAL support today that I knew you guys were actually all about... Calvin, and whoever was helping him, resolved a "tricky" Eniscope installation for me today... brilliant..!


Analytics a unique art of Selling! What else can I ask for? Excellent Research and Development team from Enigin.
Analytic is unbeatable!


Many thanks to the whole team at Enigin who work so hard to make the Eniscope seem to work so effortlessly. BTW, customer comments on the Analytics Portal were - incredible / much cleaner than previous version / fast load was noticed!! / Pie is a nice feature enabling an organization to quickly see the relationship of specific metering points to the overall facility consumption. But, to be fair - the demo went well but when he saw our pricing, the decision to buy almost became a no brainer ... 

Thanks again for all the support !!


I want to thank you and the entire Enigin team for such a great visit. You and your team were very gracious with your time and knowledge. I am very excited to be part of this team and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.


"first of all we would like to congratulate you for the new upgrade of the Eniscope real time software and the analytics. You did a remarkable job. The device is now giving a fantastic user interface experience! "


Fantastic job on the new software guys...you have truly outdone yourselves and made a great product even better.


"Very helpful. explaining clearly at the appropriate time these are great tools, thanks!"


"These presentations are awesome, absolutely fantastic. I cannot stop going through the presentations and even though I was presenting the benefits of Eniscope before, I feel like I have got 'a whole new lease of energy' to go out and sell to my prospects. Thank you Enigin for your creativity, I'm 100% sure that we will not disappoint you. The sky is not the limit..."


"Really fantastic! I'm so impressed at how you have simplified the description of Eniscope's capabilities for anyone to understand. I am looking forward to using these videos as promotional tools for my clients! Thanks for such a professional tool."


"Great Sales aid, very effectively presents the capability and application of Eniscope. Great job!! Keep up with the development."


"Great presentation, design and information that will help us to increase sales."


I like the tone and professional approach taken in the videos. The ability to look at multiple Eniscopes on one graph and the ability to report daily will be a great help. This will enable us to sell Eniscopes to a much broader range of customers. Thank you."


"This will be so great to show to clients, and I am sure they will fall in love with the Eniscope and all it can do. Thank you for these two videos."


"Very, Very good!!! It's just the competitive edge we need."


Ian's new videos on eniscope are both comprehensive and informative and will be very useful in sales presentations.


The Eniscope presentation tool is fantastic. It gives us a great deal of benefits of Eniscope against Smart meters. I believe this will save a lot of us. Thank you Ian and the Team.


New video on smart meters and Eniscope is very good - well done ! Looking forward to the release of the new Eniscope.


The new Eniscope video is great, it will certainly be a usefull tool, congratulations


As a rookie brand new distributor with my first hard core week of sales effort behind me the following points are now blatantly clear to me: First and foremost, you might think you know it all, but you certainly dont. You may be a hot shot entreprenuer in your given field, you may be a start up or anything else in between, but the single most powerful thing I can share is that Enigin have tools, resources and training par excellance...the rest is up to you. What Enigin teaches during training is ALL true.
They have forgotten things about energy saving that we have yet to learn and, collectively, they have more experience than it would take one to accumulate in a lifetime. Ian makes the point of taking off your "earmuffs" of "filters" during training. JUST DO IT.

When you operate from a base of ignorance, prejudice and other forms of pre-conceived notion have no place...and no matter what your current knowledge base may be, you more than likely are ignorant of the task that lays ahead, however, if you remove your "filters" you will end up well equipped. I, for one and without really realising it, suffered in this area (despite being gently cautioned) and it has been a very sudden and real wake up call to me that there was no place for prejudice. RTFM!!! ( Read The Freakin' Manual).

It never ceases to amaze me how few will take this most vital yet basic step in most situations in life, never mind in the critical learning phase that entry into this market requires. In my case, it was Tim Mc Mahon doing the telling, but when you are told to focus on SME markets to start out with...LISTEN. Today I walked into an industrial giant by any world standard with what I considered a "warm" market with long standing and pre-exisitng solid relationships only to find I was "handed over" with my "5 minutes of experience" to be pitted against 3 electrical and 1 electro-mechanical engineers who had questions on subjects that I had no idea existed. To say that I was outgunned would be an understatement, and ONLY my pre-existing relationships with non-technical, management type people saved me from utter failure. On the upside Knowledge Base provided me with most of the answers within hours of my "defeat", however, had I put my pre-conceived notions aside and applied what I learned in training I would never have found myself in this potentially embarrasing situation. I, fortunately, will live to fight another day with this giant, but without pre-existing and high level relationships, I WOULD HAVE BLOWN IT. (Sidenote: Tim, from now on, I am all ears!)

Knowledge Base: There are not enough ways to extoll her virtues. She is your very best friend and you should spend hours and hours doting upon her. Mindshare training is awesome, but Knowledge Base will fill out the solid training skeleton and add meat to the bones at body builder proportions...and best of all, she is at your beck and call 24/7. Knowledge Base: I was somewhat hesitant at the prospect of using the "unique question" function in Knowledge Base as opposed to the (customary) pick up the phone and ask a question approach, but my fears were put to rest in 10 seconds flat (metaphorically). In my short existance I have had the need to post a few questions already and the answers have always been prompt, knowlegable and are stored forever in a database that I can access 24/7. I have found that some of my answers have even come with graphics, pictures, analogies or technical specs that have painted a picture in my mind that no telephone conversation ever could have.

Application: Enigin are going to provide training in a unique, experienced and intelligent way. It is up to you to make the most of it all, educate yourself (post Mindshare) through Knowledge Base, and then APPLY the knowledge and take practical steps. Mindshare is great, Knowledge Base is a masterpiece, but application is up to you. Forget what you think you know and USE the knowledge Enigin provides. I figured I would take a bit of what Enigin knows and couple it with all that I know and I will be unstoppable...wrong!!! In this last week, I have applied my knowledge from a highly successful sales and business ownership career and drew blanks. The twice, this week, that I applied what I was taught (putting my personal knowledge, feelings etc aside), I closed two sales.

The TWELVE other appointments that I didnt and went with my way, attracted a whole lot of technical product based questions that ended in the dreaded " I will need to investigate this further" response...and Enigin gives us BRILLIANT tools to cope with this response, but if your "foundation" is weak, there is little or nothing convincing that you can say. 2/14 I applied what I had learned, and 2/14 I struck gold...coincedence? I think not. Bottom line....listen without prejudice, use the tools at your disposal and APPLY."


Many thanks for your valuable messages I am continuously receiving from you... As soon as we start with the first client (Large Factory) will give you the feedback. Once more we express our sincere gratefulness to your good-selves and Enigin staff for the excellent information we received during the Mind-share Conference.


I am quite delighted with the design and content of Enigin Distributor website. It has been only 5 days for its launch and I am receiving positive responses. I am certainly sure that this website will enhance the positive image of our company, its professionalism, and generate more leads.


The KB just keeps getting better!


You guys are ROCKIN this thing. It is the most user friendly and all encompassing data management center I have ever seen or had the pleasure to work with. A suggestion might be to update the opening video message once a month or so to hightlight recent updates and working projects from the home office.


I am compelled to congratulate Enigin on this fantastic idea of conceiving and implementing the knowledge base system. This is a tremendous source of knowledge and information that I intend to rely on as a distributor.


KB helps all partners/ distributors globally to be well motivated in all the endeavors combating climate change through energy efficiency enigin offers. Unique and spectacular. All of us have ( partners) have the indulgence to update oneself to all the issues KB is giving from day to day. No such company would have this wholistic approach, but just with ENIGIN! Thanks for the oppurtunity! It always give me the motivation of working hard and harder.


I would like to thank enigin management team for thier effort in mindshare training. realy they put the cream of thier excperience in our hands. MR Middle East I think the Knowledge Base is an excellent tool, all of my sales team have access to the resources available. They are using it every day while out in the field


Good day to all. I am so thankful KB is now working. I salute you all. I am always inspired working in these business.


Impressive, engaging and most of all encouraging! Congratulations. Makes me more hopeful…. Wish this had been forthcoming back in 2008 & 09, but thankful that support in this form now exists.


I have found the training valuable. I look forward to the forthcoming sales training. I made my first sales call today and thankfully it was with a good friend of mine. He is going to buy an Eniscope and we should be installing it with the week.


I think the Knowledge Base is the missing link ( I think I´ve suggested something related with on my comments at the end of Enigin course...) in order to share and duplicate the business more easy and efectively. I hope it corresponds to what I think it could be. Congratulations for this important step !


I have a response to this email and the comments made by others going through the fastrack training. I like the way information has been sent in bits and increments. I also like that each mailing has links to other sites and relevant information. This forces (if they follow the program daily) the trainee to expand their research base and get exposure to different information outlets related to start-up business and the energy field. For whatever it is worth, I have been going far beyond just the daily training tasks and I've found it greatly beneficial to developing my understanding of the energy business we are getting into. Specifically, I have downloaded a free template "Business Plan" and have begun the painstaking process of filling in the blanks. This is a huge undertaking that takes a vast amount of time, energy, and research. In the process I have learned a great deal about how much I know about my future business and industry and more importantly what I don't know. In trying to figure out what I don't know I've tapped into a variety of interesting and beneficial resources. As a result my knowledge of the induustry and related topics is rapidly expanding daily. I would recommend every aspiring distributor to do the same and challenge themselves to complete a full-on Business Plan. They have no idea what they will learn and the benefits they will gain through their efforts.


Just been checking out the KB it’s simply....AWESOME!!! Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together you’ve done a great job, without a doubt this tool will transform our business overnight! I’ve got to say it again.....AWESOME!! Best Regards


I will be more that happy to read all the e-mails that you can send me and apply the ones I think will help me the most. Just to let you know I have been working on a business plan for me to start with, but I still do not have the mission statement, once I have it I will be sending it to do so that you can review it. So far I want to thank you for the follow up that I am getting. I hope that this will continue after I do my mindshare training.


Thanks very much for keeping me in touch; I will look forward to seeing the fast track series, as I really need to be reminded of, and helped with, all of the great stuff I learned at training.


The timing is just right in my opinion for any body in the energy saving business. Governments are shaping energy policies day in day out, and what one just needs to do to catch up with the next policy is tune in to CNN, BBC, SKY, LOCAL CHANNELS and trust me, all are blazing with news and mind blowing opportunities in this very exciting industry. My greatest challenge in finding a place in this industry would have been where I would need to start a business all by myself from scratch and build the business tools, create structures and above all create a brand, however weak. 'You better pride yourselves with the quality training and information you give us - they are really great and come very, very handy , it can only get better'. The aforementioned and many more endless list of challenges have been converted to opportunities, I mean, great business opportunities, thanks to the wonderful team of professionals at ENIGIN. 'THANK YOU, MY VERY GOOD FRIENDS'.


Great work; this regular information not only helps keep us focussed but is also a great marketing tool.


It is truly a privilege to be part of the ENIGIN Team. Part of my decision to apply to become a member of the ENIGIN family was due to the fact that I believe you will help me and my partner to become successful entrepreneurs in the energy saving business. 
I am looking forward to receiving each part of the valuable info that you will send our way. Be certain that we both will try to the best of our powers to follow your valuable advice and become valuable members of the ENIGIN network.
 It is an honor and a privilege working with you.


You are right that it has been a while, I was more involved in the set-up of our business here …, we have a new office centrally located. I am currently focusing on finance and recruitment needs and should be ready for the next step by the beginning of 2010.

I congratulate you on the launch of the New FASTTRACK , 90 Days E-mail Support by Ian Wrigley, which will add a valuable information to our business. This will enhance a unified and shared information among the distributors, and continues support to successful business growth. Thank you for the earlier e-mail on the New Eniscope Installation Manual, and we are looking forward to hearing more about the other two programs. 


Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate the dexterity with which you analyse the business when last i was in your office.
I am also encourage with the level of support from everyone since i became a distributor. I am confidence that with your support I will make a huge business.


Thank you for writing to me again and raising issues and techniques that will ensure the growth of my business. I am certain that exciting times are ahead of us and the results depend largely on my own performance and attitude. I promise that whatever comes from you as advice will be taken very seriously and put into practice. I value your ideas so much and you will see from the results pretty soon. Once again, I am grateful for your concern. Hope to read from you tomorrow.
I will be looking forward to the series of emails that would really uplift my spirit and grow tremendously in Enigin business. Thanks for the never ending support.


The new Eniscope presentations are great and will be an excellent resource for selling the meters.
It has been difficult to get prospects to understand fully how powerful the Eniscope is - the presentations solve that problem ! Well Done !



3. Does Enigin have a higher than average amount of negative forum listings for this type of business?

No! But why do we say that?

The word ‘Enigin’ is a brand totally unique to us. If you do a Google search on ‘Enigin’ it will deliver less than 200,000 results (very small by Google terms, especially when you consider that 99.9% of them are misspellings of the word ‘Enigin’). Hence any correct spelling of the name will inevitably rank high.

Compare this for example to the letters ‘BMW’ which has circa 250,000,000 results. Try as you may you are unlikely to find a rip-off report listing for BMW anywhere in a Google search even though they have literally hundreds of negative rip-off reports against them (of course this is obviously not a true reflection on the quality of a BMW).

What about the world’s most respected companies?

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Annually FORBES, CNN, FORTUNE, conduct surveys on the world’s most admired, respected and reputable companies. Surprisingly, almost without exception they have multiple slanderous rip-off reports against them (although for reasons already stated they don’t rank on a standard Google search). This does not mean that we believe them to be unethical any more than we believe Enigin to be so. Companies in the list include (but not limited to): Apple, Google, Amazon.com, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Berkshire Hathaway, IBM, FedEx, General Electric, McDonald’s, American Express, BMW, Nike, 3M, Boing, Singapore Airlines, Samsung, Intel, eBay, Volkswagen, Nestle...

Sadly even the most admired, respected and reputable companies can be a target for slanderous abuse on the Internet.

Unfortunately for Enigin, all negative postings quickly climb to page one and stoically sit there giving a worse first impression than is deserved.


4. What is the success rate for a new start-up business?

Because the ‘Biz-Op’ market leads to numerous failed expectations from ‘wannabee’ entrepreneurs it is a hot bed for complaints in general. This problem is by no means unique to Enigin. The simple reality is that most new start-up businesses will fail to gain traction on the ground and end up in failure.

The infograph below paints an interesting picture on the likely chance of success and/or potential failure (source Steve Blank – ‘Startup Owners Manual’ & Alison Shontell – ‘Ten Burning Questions’).

We have always made it abundantly clear there is a high risk with any start-up business, and that we are seeking experienced entrepreneurs who can pick up the ball and run with it.

Some common definitions of an entrepreneur are: 

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“A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money.” Ref: Merriam-Webster.

“These are the people who have the skills and initiative necessary to take good new ideas to market and make the right decisions to make the idea profitable. The reward for the risks taken is the potential economic profits the entrepreneur could earn.” Ref: Investopedia.com.

“One who starts or assumes control of a business or other independent enterprise, often employing innovation and more than an ordinary degree of risk.” Ref: Small Business Encyclopedia

“A person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” Ref; Dictionary.com.

If there were not a reasonable chance of failure then where would the ‘risk’ be? Surely everyone would be doing it!

We have never promoted a ‘franchise’ or offered a business as a ‘going concern’. We advertised for entrepreneurs because we knew this was a new emerging marketplace requiring individuals with special qualities. The mere fact someone so readily seeks to blame others before even trying to sell or install the product is evidence in itself they are NOT entrepreneurs. “Entrepreneurs take responsibility for their own success and/or failure”.


5. Find out what people are saying about Enigin:

There has been several allegations made against the company, it’s products, marketing methods and in some cases its employees. Since many of them are repetitive and typically fall into general categories, we have chosen to deal with these by way of a helpful and concise Q&A. This section has been prepared carefully to capture and refute all of the negative comments.

If anyone would like to raise another specific question that is not answered here then please do so at thetruth@enigin.com and the question will be posted here along with the answer.

As a principle - we obviously have no problem in freeness of speech - nor do we have an issue with individuals expressing their own personal opinions, however we do believe information should be factual and correct which is certainly not always the case as you can see here.

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Q - Is the Eniscope expensive when compared with the competition.

A - It is essential when considering value for money to compare “apples with apples”. Eniscope is a commercial, industrial and public sector 3-phase Real-time Energy Management System with a very sophisticated analytics platform. If you were to look for this level of information from a BEMS system you could be paying £10,000-£50,000 (or much more), depending on the level of information and control required. By this comparison Eniscope is a ‘gift’. On the other hand if you compare it with a ‘smart meter’ or simple home energy monitor designed for domestic use costing under £100 then we could seem expensive.

Unfortunately Mr Sanchez has really shot himself in the foot on his “My experience with Enigin” blog, firstly because he is showing his gross naivety and incompetence by trying to compare Eniscope with a most basic domestic smart meter. Ironically, Mr Sanchez has never installed a current version of Eniscope so can he really make a fair comparison?

If someone claims to be a distributor but can’t even explain the difference between a professional, commercial solution and a basic domestic product how successful would you expect them to be?

If you contracted a professional tradesman to carry out essential repairs for you and his tool box consisted of a pen knife and some cellotape would you be impressed?

We have thousands of customers all over the world enjoying the benefits of Eniscope. Why on earth would they come back again and again and buy more systems if they could obtain anywhere near the same information from a domestic ‘smart meter’? We think the Efergy is a neat little ‘fun’ product designed for the home user but it simply cannot record energy accurately – its really just a ‘toy’ compared to Eniscope. Smart meters (like the Efergy for example) don’t even measure voltage so the best they can do is to guess the real energy consumption, whereas Eniscope has an accuracy of better than class one (revenue grade meters).

One single Eniscope Hybrid by comparison can simultaneously monitor 8 x 3-phase circuits (or 24 single phase), 8 pulse inputs from the likes of gas, oil or water meters in addition to 50-100 auxiliary inputs via MODBUS – all with astonishing accuracy and graphical resolution.

The cost of supplying and installing the Eniscope solution has been reduced dramatically since 2009 with the cost per channel now circa one tenth of what it was then, so references to a “USD 4000 per unit” are totally out of date and grossly misleading.

When compared with products that can do a similar job of work… and for professionals wanting an accurate reliable solution on which they can base all-important energy management decisions… Eniscope is very competitively priced indeed.

Q - Does the customer have to pay additional costs for Eniscope data storage?

A - All Eniscope’s come with data storage as standard (up to five years). However the level of service provided by Eniscope is massive when compared to a domestic smart meter and therefore a nominal data storage charge is sometimes levied after the initial period. There are a lot of free software and apps readily available on the Internet but when someone wants an extended professional solution there is normally a corresponding charge. We have never had a single complaint from a customer.

Q - Can Eniscope really save 10-20% in energy costs?

A - One of the primary benefits of Eniscope is to provide highly accurate Energy Monitoring and Targeting (M&T). Unlike our load-side products, the installation of Eniscope in itself does not automatically deliver a fixed amount of energy savings. However we have received exceptional feedback from numerous organisations that report substantial reductions in their energy usage following the installation of Eniscope, some over 40%. How?

Let’s consider some third party information.

The following are statements taken directly from the UK Carbon Trust Website:

“The Carbon Trust provides simple, effective advice to help organisations take action to cut emissions. One of the simplest ways to do this is to use energy more efficiently.

Monitoring and targeting is an energy management technique that can be applied in any type and size of organisation, whether commercial, industrial or public sector.

The purpose of monitoring and targeting (M&T) is to enable an understanding of your energy consumption data; identify underlying factors which impact upon consumption; and set appropriate targets that allow you to review performance. This will subsequently enable you to identify avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption.

An M&T scheme will provide essential underpinning for your energy management activities, allowing you to:

  • Detect avoidable energy waste that might otherwise remain hidden.
  • Quantify the savings achieved by any and all of your energy projects and campaigns.
  • Provide feedback for staff awareness, improve budget setting and undertake benchmarking to compare performance against best practice.
  • Set performance targets for your organisation:
 Your M&T system should also allow you to set and monitor targets and performance parameters for individual areas.

Case studies for waste and saving that have been identified by employing M&T include:

  • Losses that would have equalled £3,500 a year were incurred when a limit switch came loose
at a waste-water treatment works, causing some machinery that should have been running intermittently to run continuously.
  • Gas consumption at a council depot doubled when a maintenance contractor left the heating system running 24 hours a day.
  • The front steps of an office block were found to be costing £5,000 a year because the control had failed on the de-icing heaters (which the owners did not even know they had).
  • Frost-protection systems are a prime cause of waste. One energy manager cut the electricity consumption of his HQ building by 40% when he found that all the electric frost protection pre-heaters were running on his air handling units.
  • Hundreds of pounds a year were lost when someone left a bypass valve open on a steam trap in the basement of a paper mill

One of the key functions of a monitoring and targeting scheme is to alert the user to instances of exceptional excess consumption of energy.”

Siemens make the following statements on their website and go on to list their top ten most cost effective energy saving strategies, assigning first position to monitoring and targeting which Siemens say can typically “pay for itself in 1-3 months.”

“An effective monitoring and targeting system is typically the most important element of any energy management programme and will deliver the fastest payback.”

“The ability to measure and monitor real time key performance indicators on your site, by collecting the right data in the right way, will mean you can highlight problem areas and identify quick payback opportunities. More than just a metering system – which won’t in itself save you money – an effective monitoring and targeting system includes the right software systems and reporting tools”.

Our distributors tell us that the Siemans product is good but by comparison; Eniscope is easier to install, more user friendly, has better features and is a more cost effective solution.

Q - Do Enigin actually own the Eniscope hardware, software and Trade Name?

A - Yes. Enigin began work on the development of the Eniscope Platform in 2007 and have developed the software from scratch in-house. (As a matter of interest the particular smart meter (Efergy) referred to by Sanchez uses software developed by a third party and made available to Efergy under a white label agreement) http://www.hildebrand.co.uk/efergy.html

Enigin do not ‘white label’ their software from, or to, any third party and we never have.

Eniscope software was initially designed to be compatible with proprietary meters available on the market. However in 2011 the company began development on its own hardware solution and since May 2013 the hardware is manufactured by Enigin.

Eniscope is a unique and registered Trademark owned by Enigin.

Q - Will the CUES (Chilled Unit Energy Saver) only work in limited applications?

A - There are literally millions of applications for CUES and it will work effectively in almost any commercial refrigerated system – both fridges and freezers. As regards installation and payback, it is one of the most cost effective solutions you can offer delivering both immediate energy savings with fast payback and substantially increased equipment life and reliability.

CUES is a registered Trademark, it is also protected by copyright design UK4027590 and the technology covered in our patent GB91001.

Q - Is iMEC a cost effective energy saving product and can it be successfully sold and installed without being an Engineer?

A - We have many distributors who routinely install iMEC as part of their overall solution and in the right application iMEC can deliver excellent savings with a very acceptable sub two-year payback. The market has changed considerably since Enigin’s founder directors first introduced intelligent fixed speed motor control onto the world market… the cost of manufacture has dropped considerably… and the cost of energy for many people has spiraled making a much better ROI case for installing iMEC. Not surprisingly, the US government is now making grants available for the installation of this technology.

As with many of our load-side products iMEC needs to be professionally installed by a suitably qualified electrician, it’s not a DIY product.

Q - Who makes the ACES product?

A - ACES, is Enigin’s Air Conditioning Energy Saver. Both the hardware and software algorithms were developed in-house and are owned by us. ACES is intrinsic to Enigin’s patent application no 91002GB. We also own the ACES Registered Trade Mark.

Q - In 2009 were Enigin correct in saying that they were offering; “a unique and exceptional range of products and solutions”?

A - For many people this question is somewhat academic as the complexion of the company has dramatically changed over the last five years, except insofar as it calls into question the integrity of its shareholders, directors and staff.
The business opportunity that Enigin made available under a license fee agreement included a range of energy saving products and solutions (Eniscope, iMEC, LESS, CUES, ACES), and a host of business tools and training programmes (Nucleus CRM, Peoplemaps, Knowledge Base, FFS Global News Feed, Mindshare, Winning More Customers videos, Technical Summits etc). All of the software and course material was developed in-house by Enigin. There was also considerable high quality marketing material available in the form of brochures, customized web-sites and exhibition material all of which was professionally designed and made readily available at no extra cost to enable a new distributor to hit the ground running when they secured a licensing opportunity.

We know of no other company in the world, even to this day, that has offered anywhere near the same combination of products and services for a new start-up business in this sector. The fact that at the time most of the hardware was sourced from third parties under formal white label supply agreement’s does not make the founder directors dishonest and unethical, it was simply the business model we chose at the time. Lot’s of business operate this way.

Q - Did Enigin ever make false or misleading statements relating to the former promotion of a Business Opportunity.

A -  No. In reality this is not too difficult to prove, as all an individual needs to do is cite an example from early marketing material; but no one has ever been able to do so. Back then the company offered a business opportunity to individuals with no previous experience for a fully inclusive fixed fee of circa £20,000. The company also offered those same individuals a FULL REFUND of their initial fee if for ANY reason whatsoever they were not entirely satisfied with either the products or services on the first day of training. No one ever requested a refund.

At the same time the company offered the written guarantee that if at any time, past present or future a disgruntled distributor could cite an example of where the company had made a statement relating to any aspect the business opportunity which was later proved to be untrue then a full refund of the initial fee would be offered. This guarantee is still valid and although people make personal derogatory statements no one has been able to cite one single inaccurate or misleading statement.


6. Beware of extortionist websites and Internet Trolls!

In 2013 Forbes produced an article on the founder of the rip-off report, which is very enlightening;


There is considerable, damming information on the WWW which exposes the Rip-off Report as an extortionist website. We believe that anyone posting on this site may be viewed as complicit in a highly unethical business practices that is increasingly coming under criminal investigation as shown here.



On the forum; ‘My experience with Enigin’ a Mr Jose Sanchez make a number of derogatory statements, which in several cases are inaccurate and misleading. We have written to Mr Sanchez on numerous occasions offering to correct the errors but he still chooses to publish inaccurate information, inevitably misleading people. Mr Sanchez has been invited to cite an example anywhere within Enigin’s technical and marketing material, of a statement which is factually incorrect, and he has so far been unable to site one single instance.

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Mr Sanchez claims his forum was created to satisfy his “social responsibility” and yet he apparently has no problem publishing information, which is misleading and untrue despite being enlightened by us, and some of our distributors to the contrary. He is also encouraging people to post information on the notorious website “rip-off report” which is known to be an extortionist website that has numerous class action law-suits against them.

Mr Sanchez was appointed as our distributor in 2009 and the company has changed dramatically since then, which he seems to have difficulty recognising.

No doubt all of us would agree that as a communication tool the Internet has revolutionised our world today. It truly is a World Wide Web where almost anyone can upload or download information on virtually every conceivable subject at the click of a mouse – which can be enormously valuable.

But there is a ‘dark side’… as we know only too well the Internet can be used for grossly improper intent. Indeed this powerful weapon is often used by organisations and individuals with the sole purpose of causing damage to others reputation and then offering to charge exorbitant fees to ‘manage’ that person, or company’s reputation and hard earned goodwill. The real victims are YOU and me as this tears away at the very fabric of society.

This is reminiscent of the 30’s in parts of North America where big bully racketeers charged shop keepers ‘protection money’ where in point of fact the primary ones they needed protection from was the racketeers themselves.

The problem with the WWW is that to some extent it is like the Wild West where individuals can make up their own rules and act with seeming impunity. Much like the sleazy tabloid newspapers fed garbage by the paparazzi. We have every reason to believe that many forum moderators themselves prey on legitimate companies, like ourselves, by uploading spurious postings under pseudonyms solely to incite and inflame.

Not surprisingly there are an increasing number of landmark cases being won in the courts by credible ethical companies who have had their reputation sullied by these parasitical people.