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The Distributorship

"Reinventing energy is a multitrillion-dollar opportunity. It dwarfs any business opportunity in history." - Bill Gross, founder of Idealab.

Launching a new business is an exciting and highly rewarding prospect… especially when that business is part of the energy savings industry – one of the most profitable markets available for today’s business owners.

An Enigin Distributorship can be focussed on a city, a state or an entire country depending on your location and resources. There is no maximum amount you can choose to invest in your business with us and no limit to how much business you can generate but we do have three minimum entry levels to facilitate your entry into the business, each with a differing level of discount structure:

1. Distributor - 30% Discount
2. Premier Distributor - 50% Discount
3. Channel Partner - 60 to 80% Discount

The Discounts relate to our Manufacturers Recommended Selling Price (MRSP) and this is calculated so as to be able to offer the end user (your customers) a payback, or return on their capital investment within two years (i.e. 50% ROI).

There are no restrictions on the prices you sell products for, as the MRSP is just a guide. Some distributors choose to sell products for well in excess of our MRSP. We recommend installation costs are charged as an extra.

Your Enigin account will be credited as soon as you make an initial purchase of Products, starting from £14,000. You can then request any combination of products to be delivered immediately or draw them down at your convenience to meet specific orders. We carry supplies of most product lines to minimise lead times wherever possible, and goods are normally dispatched from our warehouse the same day.


Optional MINDSHARE Training & Support Programme

At Enigin we have successfully taken numerous individuals and organisations, many with no previous experience of this industry, from a standing start to profitable trading in the shortest possible timeframe.To facilitate this process we created MINDSHARE... a comprehensive Coaching Programme that has been honed and perfected over the last six years.

Here is an overview of what you get when you join the MINDSHARE programme:

  1. 90-Day Fast Track Training Programme - You will be immediately enlisted in this digital training Programme, hosted by our Technology Director Ian Wrigley FRSA, delivering focused personal and business development strategies to accelerate the growth of your new business. 
  2. MINDSHARE Training Course - You will be invited to the next convenient MINDSHARE event. This is a commercial training course in the UK or North America. Sessions include ‘The Six Critical Success Factors’,
‘A Marketing Plan that Delivers Results’, ‘Understanding Energy’, ‘Identifying the Best Opportunities & Savings’, ‘Systemising Your Business’ and many more. 
Please watch as some of our distributors explain how they benefitted from the MINDSHARE course.
  3. MINDSHARE Webinar Training - MINDSHARE Training and Support continues following your return to your local territory. You, along with other Distributors from around the world, are invited to attend our regular, live and interactive Webinar training sessions, which will keep you up to speed with the latest
product developments, commercial trends and energy saving strategies. Recordings of all Webinars are also hosted on our Knowledge Base. Please watch an extract from a recent Webinar on effective marketing strategies.
  4. Portable Demonstration Case - This can be used to demonstrate the dramatic effects that applied intelligent control can achieve - in this case a single phase Intelligent Motor Energy Controller. We also provide a video tutorial to help you use this effectively in client presentations.
  5. Customized Website – We provide you with a fully functional, professionally designed website. Our in-house Graphic Designer and Web Developers will provide you with a personalised website containing product demonstrations, videos, testimonials, test reports, downloadable brochures, supplied and hosted by Enigin with your own logo and domain name.All our sites are built using IGLOO our bespoke online content management system enabling you to easily make changes and update the content, from anywhere and at anytime. This is how your website could look with your own company logo:
  6. Winning More Customers - You will have access to a complete digital copy of
this highly acclaimed training series exclusively adapted for individuals in the Energy Saving Business. This will take you step by step through the whole customer facing presentation process.
  7. Training Podcast Series - Enigin’s bespoke podcast is hosted by internationally recognized business Guru Warren Greshes and has as its theme ‘How To Run A Successful Energy Saving Business’. 
  8. Multi-user CRM License - All members of your organization will be given protected access to our powerful, web-based Customer Relationship Management tool – Nucleus.
  9. Energy Saving News Feed - We employ a team of researchers and professional writers who deliver energy efficiency specific articles via our bespoke news portal directly to you.
  10. One-on-One Business Planning - During, or immediately after the MINDSHARE training course our Business Development Team will help you formulate a detailed Business Plan for the first 12 months of your new business. Enigin’s Financial Director can then help you generate a detailed profit & loss projection with cash-flow forecasts.