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Investment in Slovenia's Energy Efficiency Sector

Investment in Slovenia's Energy Efficiency Sector

THE EBRD Board of Directors has adopted a new strategy for Slovenia which sets out the Bank’s priorities in the country for the next four years, including improving energy efficiency.

Slovenia’s Government is committed to a continuation of key reforms outlined in the National Reform Programme. The EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) stands ready to support Slovenia in tackling long-standing transition challenges in the banking and corporate sectors and support the nascent recovery.

The EBRD will focus on three priorities, including, supporting sustainable energy. The Bank will explore energy efficiency investment opportunities, particularly in the SME and the residential sectors. The Bank will also actively seek opportunities to identify and finance investments that would increase the capacity to generate renewable energy.

To date, 21% of EBRD investments in Slovenia has been in the energy sector.

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Picture of Ljubljana by Miran Rebrec (photo), ModriDirkac (merging&editing) (Donation) [CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 28th February 2014