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LED Lighting to save $283,000 Yearly in Lincoln Tunnel

LED Lighting to save $283,000 Yearly in Lincoln Tunnel

THE Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, U.S., announced yesterday the installation of 2,300 energy efficient, LED lights in the Lincoln Tunnel, which will save $283,000 annually.

“Replacing our bridge and tunnel lighting systems with new LED lights makes business sense and benefits the environment by reducing our energy consumption,” said Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye. “Our investment with the Lincoln Tunnel lighting upgrade is just one example of the myriad of efforts this agency undertakes to attain our sustainability goals.”

“Our agency has a steadfast commitment to make our operations more sustainable and environmentally sound,” said Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Deborah Gramiccioni. “The Port Authority pursues a broad range of initiatives, such as lighting enhancements at our facilities that will help reduce our energy consumption while ensuring the safety and efficiency of use for our travelers.”

The $2.1 million lighting upgrade – which began early this year – consists of 45-watt Lincoln Tunnel LED lights that will reduce electricity use by an estimated 1.2 million kilowatt-hours annually. The project’s cost will be recouped from the accrued energy savings.

Additionally, the agency anticipates approximately $2 million in guaranteed savings annually over 15 years from energy conservation measures being implemented at the Port Authority Bus Terminal/Lincoln Tunnel and at the PATH Journal Square Transportation Center and Harrison Car Maintenance Facility.

Last year, the Port Authority began installing LED lights in the Holland Tunnel, making it one of the first to adopt LED lighting technology in a vehicular tunnel in the U.S. When the installation of more than 3,000 LED lights at the Holland Tunnel is complete, it will result in an annual savings of approximately $250,000.

The George Washington Bridge, which in 2009 became the first bridge of its kind in the metropolitan region to have a full strand of LED lighting, produces an estimated annual energy and maintenance saving of $49,000. At the same time, it reduces approximately 220, 000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions through its lighting upgrade.

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Picture:Lincoln Tunnel by Cesar Centeno, Jr..Spawn7896 at en.wikipedia.Later version(s) were uploaded by Pd THOR at en.wikipedia. [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Thursday 13th March 2014