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LEDs Perform Better in Concert Hall

LEDs Perform Better in Concert Hall

THE Nottingham Royal Concert Hall in the UK is aiming to save £16,000 annually on their electricity bill through using energy efficient lighting, that will still provide what is needed for performances.

The Concert Hall, which seats almost 2,500, has replaced over 500 old incandescent lights with longer lasting LED lights, which will save money and reduce carbon emissions by 104 tonnes.

The LED lighting can still be controlled and dimmed to black. Dave Guy, Technical Director at the Concert Hall commented: “The infrastructure allows the existing lighting locations and control systems to be retained but now provides a control mechanism to dim down to 0.25%, which is more efficient and necessary for the diverse aesthetics required for the different staging productions we put on here at the concert hall.”

The original lights had to be replaced annually, but the new LED lamps will last a lot longer as they do not have filaments that are damaged by noise vibration from concerts in the auditorium.

The concert hall is one of nine public buildings undergoing energy efficiency improvements as part of the RE:FIT partnership with Nottingham City Council.

Enigin are not involved in the RE:FIT program but they have developed a range of energy saving technology and solutions including LED lighting, that helps consumers become more energy efficient. To find out more, contact your local Enigin distributor today.

Picture of Nottingham Royal Concert Hall by Smashman (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 14th February 2014