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Vital for Azerbaijan to Invest in Energy Efficiency

Vital for Azerbaijan to Invest in Energy Efficiency

TREND report Vice-President of Schneider Electric Central Asia Mehmet, Ali Keciciler, underlined the importance of energy efficiency projects in Azerbaijan in his speech at the Azerbaijan Investment Summit in Baku.

Keciciler recognized the importance of Azerbaijan's economic growth, but this puts pressure on the existing energy, water, transport and telecom infrastructure. He commented that the country needs to continue diversification of the economy and increase the non-oil sector to benefit in the long-term.

"Today, energy efficiency is about achieving more while using less of our common planet; it's about decoupling economic growth from rising energy consumption. Azerbaijan is financially strong [enough] to realize nation-wide infrastructural projects vital for the development", said Keciciler.

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City of Baku by Khortan (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Friday 14th March 2014