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New Business Opportunity

“The greatest business opportunity of our age.” – Trade and Industry Secretary, UK.

Every business is a potential customer.  As the first step in the New EnergyMaps Formula you will be presenting your customers with Eniscope; Enigin PLC's Real-time Energy Management System. Eniscope is a new revolutionary innovation enabling you to offer an irresistible business proposition that will appeal to your customers both logically, emotionally and financially!

High energy costs are typically becoming one of the biggest expenses for businesses today – with Enigin you will be able offer your clients a one stop, total solution… and at the same time you will benefit from multiple income streams with massive profit potential. Given that 40% savings are achievable it will come as no surprise that you receive very high customer demand!

Using our systematic presentation format which incorporates motivating high quality visual presentations you will find it easy to persuade companies that Eniscope is exactly what they need right now to save energy… the timing is perfect!

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